3 Things to Develop Within Before Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Often, yoga practitioners don’t just stop after achieving a healthy lifestyle but choose to carry on with their yoga knowledge to spread it among more people by becoming yoga teachers. The changes that yoga brings in their lives are sometimes astonishing and they learn how to lead a disciplined life by becoming more aware of their being. This awareness makes them to share their experiences so that those around can experience the same.

Today, yoga is being taught throughout the world, yet India being the birthplace of this great practice, attracts more people than any other place. Every year thousands of people come specially to take yoga training in India. India is known to be home to some of the best yoga instructors in the world who help yoga aspirants in becoming true yoga teachers.

Yoga teacher training involves comparatively more demanding routine than daily yoga practice. Unlike regular yoga training, in teacher training practitioners are required to remain in the yoga retreat premises throughout the training, have to follow a disciplined routine and to take a balanced organic diet provided in the retreat.

Getting physically and mentally ready for a yoga teacher training is one thing, however, in becoming a teacher you have to go through an entire phase of transformation and knowing a few things about it will be helpful during the process.

Know Yoga Beyond the Asanas:

Often yoga is seen as an exercise routine consisting of several asanas. However, yoga is not limited to body postures alone; it also teaches about universal morality, personal observance, control on breathing and life force energy, control of the senses, cultivating inner perpetual awareness, meditation and union with divine. All these teaching are collectively known as eight limbs of yoga. A clear understanding of the true meaning of yoga helps practitioners in becoming a good yoga teacher.

Begin the Path of Self-Inquiry:

Although today, yoga is being practiced mostly to have a better physique, but the true goal of yoga is to form a better being. You take the first step towards it when you become aware of yourself. With a lot of time to yourself, you find the courage to face all your doubts and fear that you were unable to tackle before. Signs of a stronger character appear only when you overcome your fear, which is possible only after you have accepted them. Your character reflects in your teaching, and having doubts and fear then, will not convey the true message of yoga teachings.

Seek and Give Support:

Become selfless, become ‘We’ from ‘I’. You learn from your colleagues as much as you learn from your instructor, by seeing them overcoming the common difficulties you are facing. Gaining a certificate is necessary but not enough and what really makes you a yoga teacher is the tendency to help your fellow practitioners in their needs and taking their help with as much readiness.

During yoga teacher training you meet people with same goal, share yours and learn their experiences which is a pleasant experience within itself. You go in as a different person and come out as an entirely changed being with higher understanding of the self and world.

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