3 Things to Be Aware Of Before Going to a Residential Yoga School

You step on alife changingcourse when you decide to become a yoga teacher, and it is of utmost importance that you learn the art and the meaning behind it correctly. Opting for a yoga teacher training only because it suits your schedule and falls in your budget isn’t really a good decision unless you are sure about the authenticity of your yoga retreat’s teachings.

When you enroll for a teacher’s training, you get to learn the whole concept of yoga instead of just doing the physical postures. Only through a well-structured training and with the help of learned yoga teachers you can acquire the true knowledge of yoga. And you should not compromise on this part for any reason, since what you learn reflects in what and how you teach. It is an interesting thing to observe how many practitioners don’t compromise even a bit in their decision and readily take their yoga teacher training abroad. Famous retreats like the ones in the Himalayas attract many aspirants, who come for the sole purpose of getting a yoga certification in India and experiencing yoga at its birthplace.

You should be clear about your needs so that once you are enrolled you feel comfortable in your month long stay; and these below tips will come in handy in identifying those needs.

Know About the Style:

You should only opt for the style you want to teach to your students. In fact, at some yoga retreats the classes are structured so that students are exposed to different styles, from which they can choose a style of their choice. To learn quickly and precisely, you need to focus on one style alone. If you have made up your mind upon a style then it can act as a major factor in finalizing the yoga retreat.

Know What Your Yoga Retreat Teaches:

When you start to learn yoga, you come to know about its two aspects. One aspect is to learn different physical postures that improve your physique. The other is the spiritual aspect, in which a practitioner learns how to become a better being through meditation and yoga. Know your needs and choose how much of which aspect you would want to learn. Then learn about the routines of different retreats and what their priorities are. This way you will avoid any unpleasant surprises during the course.

Know the Teacher:

Before you commit to the program, get to know you teacher better. You can either talk directly with the teachers or reach out for a past student to learn their way of teaching. This way your teacher can learn about your needs and goals and guide you accordingly. However, if you do not find the teacher’s style satisfactory, you can always look for new retreat. After all, more than the retreat’s name, it’s the teacher and your comfort with him/her that is more important.

Your options simply don’t end here and you can research more in deciding about a retreat. By contacting graduates of a retreat you can always gather valuable information. Beside money and time, a yoga teacher training requires huge amount of effort and dedication from the practitioners, which you can only be able to pull out if you feel comfortable with the retreat. Hence, a decision should be taken only after extensive research.

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