Yoga Teacher Training:3 Levels of Transformation

Yoga teacher training is the process of transforming a person into an enlightened being rather than just being a course to hone your skills of doing several asanas and getting a certificate to teach others. Yoga teacher training helps you fight against your physical disabilities and stress by providing your body and mind a perfect alignment.

During yoga teacher training practitioners go through a phase of transformation of their beings and union with other's. While your being gets transformed, you take your awareness of self and surroundings to a new level and enable your conscience to accept everything that exists in its true form. You learn to see beauty in all beings and the flow of positive energy becomes almost apparent to you.

During your training, when you come in the contact of people who have the same target and intentions, you begin to feel changes taking place inside you to lead you through the three levels of transformation.

Physical Transformation (Tapas):

Through tapas we feel able to bring changes in our lives that we have always longed for. We realize that to bring harmony in the world first we have to seek and evolve harmony within. Tapas brings positivity in our actions and help us build affinity towards them. This affinity towards action is different from adrenaline rush as it also teaches us how to direct our energy for greater good with compassion.

Mental Transformation (Svadhayaya):

Svadhyaya is the study of self. This self-observation helps us control our thoughts and reinforces the process of physical transformation. With self-observance you explore and evolve within and become capable of bringing out the hidden reserves of energy inside your body and come to know your true potentials.

Spiritual Transformation (Ishvara Pranidahana):

In this phase of transformation we achieve acceptance and learn to surrender. We understand that how our ego and desires are our sole enemies. Surrendering these vices within we step on the path of salvation. When a being transforms spiritually it learns how pain and pleasure are not mutually exclusive.

A yoga teacher training only provides a platform for the change but the real transformation only comes from within and under proper guidance. Being the birthplace of yoga, India has always been a hub for learning yoga. Practitioners from all around the world are well aware of the fact that learning yoga in India from Indian yoga teachers has completely different meaning to it. While, place you learn yoga from plays its own part in your being’s transformation but only after perceiving the benefits of yoga as the means of transformation and the realizing the true meaning of yoga teaching can you feel awakened from within.

Through yoga teacher training you come out of the darkness into the spiritual light and the changes fill you with positive energy. It is a cure as well as the prevention to all the physical, mental and spiritual ailments that can threaten a being.

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